About my Writers’ Bloq

Hi Good people

The decision to quit normal work to pursue a new venture will always be met with mixed feelings. Mixed feelings from within one’s own head, never mind other peoples’ reaction.
This decision can either come across as brave, reckless or unrealistic depending on who you ask, but in the end it is the feelings of the person concerned that really matters.

Diving headlong into a new pursuit will off course generate some feelings of doubt. So I will admit that it is with some trepidation that I start this new blog in order to document my thoughts into my new life. At the same time I feel I owe it to myself to do it (when you discover in horror that some of your writing materials have developed cobwebs, or something insect-spun that would denote long periods of idleness or inactivity, you know its time to make a serious decision!).
By nature I have always been a lone wolf, prefering to do things by myself and to keep my thoughts to myself as well. I have found however, that this disposition has not always served me well in the past. To go the journey alone might have its perks in that it provides much time and space for self-reflection, not to mention less embarassment suffered and less questions needing to be answered if things fail and go horribly wrong. But it can also be quite lonely, unfulfilling and less exciting with little motivation.

Therefore I am inviting you to come along on this journey with me. I cannot tell you it’s destination: it could be fame and stardom with a few awards thrown in. Or it could be a dingy outhouse in the hood, cleaning other peoples’ houses in order to pay the rent and maintain my cat, Deucalion’s pampered lifestyle.
Either way it doesn’t matter. It’s the journey that does and as long as I don’t resort to a life of absinthe and opium in a feeble attempt to be the next Oscar Wilde, I think I’ll be okay. I’m doing what excites me and what I always wanted to do as a little girl. And I hope it shows.

Check this space out regularly as I will be posting snippets of some of my short stories on (see Pages or links).
Feel free to comment and tell me what you think.
However any criticisms can be forwarded to my big, burly boyfriend who happens to have very big muscles. Don’t forget to include your physical address so that he and some of his equally big and burly chums can pay you a visit! (ONLY KIDDING)
Also you might be wondering about the name of my blog. No it’s not a spelling error. I thought it was a cute sort of pun on two words: blog and block (as in writers’ block, a disease I happen to suffer from). When you say it out loud it sounds like ‘bloCK’ but when spelt it can sometimes…oh nevermind, I thought it was clever.

I thank you in advance for your loyal support. Hopefully it will fuel me to be the best I can be.
For now take care and bookmark this site!

Oceans of love


5 thoughts on “About my Writers’ Bloq

  1. Melanie says:

    Hi NM
    Congrats first of all. I always knew you were destined for great things.
    I look foward to being a part of your journey.

    Take care


  2. Well done on getting your blog up and running! now blog stuff!

  3. thahir says:

    I so believe you going to make it. Not a shadow of doubt in my mind.
    Plus I read all your stories and they are awesome. With your talent I expect
    a published book soon and then I get my M3. Goodluck love I’m behind you all the

  4. Dieannah says:

    Hi Nisha
    Great post, especially the part on criticisms, that made me laugh. Why not take it a step further – “to my big, burly, bald boyfriend who happens to have very beefy biceps.”
    Anyway, I’m sure no one will bother you with critiques. 😉

    Thanks for the invitation to follow you on your journey; I’m looking forward to it.

    Deucalion – Great name for a cat, I’ve always been fond of Greek mythology.

    • Nisha says:

      Thanks Dieannah

      I’m glad you like my kitty’s name, you are probably the first person EVER to understand where the name comes from. I will tell him what you said, he’ll be thrilled to know he has a fan…
      Cheers 🙂

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