Updates and revivals

I’m back from the dead, again. Although this time my absence was due to a little vacation on the gorgeous Dolphin Coast. I did get some writing done but since my internet refused to work while I was there, my work was hampered by my inability to do any research. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
But I can proudly say that Old Mason’s Close is complete and has now gone in for editing (which is just a fancy way of saying its being typed out).
Two new stories are now being worked on: one I am calling “The Little Man” and the other I unceremoniously refer to as “that island story” as I have no idea what to call it as yet. I started these two stories almost a year ago but they both ended up in the backburner. It took me a couple of days to re-orientate myself with them because I had completely forgotten what was going on(!) and as my research notes left a lot to be desired, I had also forgotten where the plot was heading! Yes, laughs all around.
So like Donny and Marie, a double revival was in order. And hopefully, unlike Britney Spears’ revived career, it will actually be a success.

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