Addendum to Deathly Hallows? Try Deathly Overkill…

I just had an epiphany with regards to my last post.
With the writing and publishing process, I often read that once a manuscript is in the hands of the publisher, don’t consider it yours anymore. They will repeatedly tell you to change this and change that. There will come a point when your precious creation would have transformed so much that it no longer looks like the original.
So I guess having a movie director butchering your work would be nothing new to an author.
Just a thought…


2 thoughts on “Addendum to Deathly Hallows? Try Deathly Overkill…

  1. skombie says:

    When Micheal Connelly came out to talk, his book was The Lincoln Lawyer, he said he considered the two separate things. He gave them the rights to the book and didn’t touch on it much after that. I guess the main thing is that everyone who reads a book gets a different interpretation, so people who create the movies are providing their interpretation of the work.

    • Nisha says:

      And it always happens that whatever I consider important in a book or if there is a particular scene I would look forward to seeing, never ends up in the movie! It IS all down to the interpretation of a few people.
      I guess that’s why in the credits they say “BASED on the book by so and so” and not “an accurate reenactment of the book by…”

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