Updates And The Number 13

I thought I’d give a brief overall update of where I stand at the moment.
As you know from my last post, I started a new story a couple of weeks ago. Haven’t given it a name yet-we’ll just call it “that vampire story” for now. But the end is nearly nigh, which will bring my tally of short stories to 9.
It should have been ten but I just can’t seem to finish one story I entitled The Little Man. In case you were wondering, it involves a tokoloshe. For non-South Africans, the best way I can describe a tokoloshe is that, it’s a bit like an Africanized version of the English sprite or to fans of popular culture, a gremlin. I think I might even dedicate a post to this legend soon. Watch this space!
I’m still very determined to finish The Little Man however, even though it seems to be taking forever.
I’ve made up my mind that I want thirteen stories for my collection. Nice number I think, for a collection of supernatural tales. Probably a bit clichéd too but I’m happy with that number as a reasonable target. So that’s my aim.
Afterwards, it’s that scary mission of finding a publisher. I feel nervous just thinking about it. Give me a minute while I crawl back into my rabbit hole…

7 thoughts on “Updates And The Number 13

  1. jenniferneri says:

    You are completing a collection of shorts? Very cool, and very interesting, and very brave!! Sounds like you are almost there 🙂

    My husband is South African, I’ll ask him if he’s familiar with the term tokoloshe.

    • Nisha says:

      Okay that is weird that you ended up here. I think this post is jinxed because I seem to be getting loads of spam coming here as well LOL 🙂

      Its been awhile since this post and I’ve already finished the stories I’ve mentioned here but there’s been a change as I’ve started five more, so my collection might contain 15 not 13!
      How cool, your husband is South African! If he’s lived here long enough he would definitely be familiar with the tokoloshe. Thats what I love about this legend, South Africans of all races-whether you’re black, white or Asian, everybody is familiar with this little monster!
      Its nice meeting you Jennifer, look forward to seeing you here on my humble blog more often! 🙂

      • jenniferneri says:

        NIce to meet you as well, Nisha 🙂

        So, yes, my husband understand me when I said tokoloshe, and very politely corrected my pronunciation. lol
        His grandmother used to tell him if he stayed up too late, the tokoloshe would come get him. He equates it to out boogey-man. I’m intrigued by this story of yours. (I didn’t realize you were in SA)

  2. jenniferneri says:

    hmmm, and how did I end up on this old post by clicking your link from my site?? Well, I’m glad I did 🙂

  3. Hello Nisha, I take it you have finished “The Little Man”. How is the writing going?

    • Nisha says:

      Yes, The Little Man is on its 3rd edit as we speak. Took a bit of a hiatus on the editing but now its full swing but work on the novel is going slow… 😦

      • Good news about The Little Man. As for the novel, sometimes we think nothing is happening or it is like a slug moving, sometimes we procrastinate like hell and we beat ourselves up for this. However, work is still going on, it’s just in the subconscious and we are not aware of it. Your old SubC will be churning away in there making sense of all your ideas and character motives and then wham bam – you’ll have a spurt. Writing a novel is similar to watching your child grow from a baby to an adult – sometimes they seem to be stuck at one point for a while but in actual fact, they’re not, they’re always moving along. Have a wonderful day whatever it is that you are up to.

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