A poem I wrote – The joys of being cynical

Okay listen, I’m not a poet and will never claim to be one but this here, I just could not help…


I am not afraid to admit,
To being the cynic that I am,
Possessing that caustic wit,
I really don’t give a damn!

I negate and contradict,
Everything I hear;
Without pause for reflection,
An abandonment of fear.
I do live in hope
That Diogenes would be proud,
If he were alive in the tub
And not dead in the ground.

Cynicism I use
For many a things,
To appear funny or clever,
Or to hide my true feelings.
Sometimes I use it to annoy or irritate,
Cynicism certainly is a versatile trait.

I can be profound and spiritual,
If I really want to,
But I choose to be cynical,
Because it seems the cool thing to do.
Then there are the Facebook friends
Who persistently annoy,
With quotes of inspiration on their statuses
They constantly employ.
We all know they only do it
To appear spiritual and clever,
They annoy me so much
But I will forgive them however;
For they make me roll my eyes
And provide me with cues,
In unleashing my creative wit
And coaxing my cynical Muse.

But please don’t judge me,
The person that I am;
Read to the very end
And then you might understand.
I might appear bitter and unhappy
And aiming to offend,
But the subject of human nature is a fashion,
With irony as its trend.

So please don’t think I am
A bad and uncaring friend,
I’m just a cynic by nature,
True to the very end!

Diogenes in his beloved tub

2 thoughts on “A poem I wrote – The joys of being cynical

  1. I admire your piece of work, regards for all the useful blog posts.

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