DAY 05 – Book you wish you could live in

I didn’t have to think much for this one either. I really wish I could live in Harry Potter’s world, even with Death Eaters, Dementors and Dark wizards considered (hey cool, alliteration, right there, look!).
And if I had to be transported to the wizarding world right now, I would save my parallel self a whole lot of trouble for, I have everything all figured out.

At Hogwarts I would probably be a Ravenclaw; I would suck at Transfiguration and Potions but be really good at Runes and History Of Magic. Given my predisposition towards bad balance and co-ordination, and motion-sickness, I definitely would NOT be playing Quidditch; although I might be a Weird Sister groupie and possibly a regular contributor to their monthly fanzine.
My pet of choice would be a cat, or two in fact (I could not stand to be parted from either Deucalion or Sir Garfield for too long. I have no doubt they both would fit in quite nicely in the wizarding world. My only worry is that together they might tear the Ravenclaw common room apart).
I hate to admit this but I would definitely take up Divination and maybe Care of Magical Creatures. That last one is a bit naïve of me- taking care of dogs and cats is a completely different ballgame as suppose to unicorns and Hippogriffs, I know.

Generally speaking, my wand would be made of Willow and Harpy’s hair; my Patronus would either be an owl or one of the big cats (maybe a panther or ocelot or something).

As an adult, it’s where I hit a slump. I’d like to think I’d be an Auror but that would be highly pretentious of me. The mere thought that a Dementor might be in the same vicinity as me would be enough to bring me to tears and have me screaming like a banshee. So no, I don’t think an Auror’s life is for me.
I think a more realistic vocation would be a wizarding historian or the like. Me, the successor to Bathilda Bagshot maybe? Equally pretentious but way more realistic methinks.

And knowing me, I wouldn’t be surprised if I married a Muggle or Death Eater, or half-giant-half vampire, just to piss my parents off. I am strange that way.

Okay I lied. Maybe I did think about this too much…

NM 🙂

5 thoughts on “DAY 05 – Book you wish you could live in

  1. What cought my attention, making me read this, was your title. I never thought about it that way.. to live in a book. But in a way you are right, there are book I would like to live in. So you are an aspirating writer, just like I am? Great, I am sure you will make it, I am sure an authours life is for you. Never ever doubt!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Nisha says:

      Hi Maggie
      This is actually part of the book challenge I’m doing but it was so cool to just let my mind wander and to think what if this is really happening and I’m a part of it?
      Thank you for your words of encouragement and all the best on your quest for glory too! 🙂

  2. thahir says:

    i would love to live in the fantasy world of charlie and the chocolate factory. just imagine the beauty of the place. i might try and usurp that factory for myself but i’ll share with you. nice post!!!

  3. Nisha says:

    Not a good idea! We’ll eat all the profits! 🙂

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