I’ve been tagged…twice!

Last month Nelle tagged me in a fun game of ’11 Questions’, and last week I was tagged again by August.  Special thanks to you ladies for choosing me.

The rules of the game are thus:

  1. Post the rules.
  2. In the same post, answer the questions.
  3. Create eleven new questions to ask eleven new participants.
  4. Tag those people and share links to their blogs in your post.
  5. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

 So I’ll start with NELLE’s questions first, and my answers.

1) Do you consider yourself a feminist? Depends. If I’m speaking to a misogynist, then the feminist in me comes out.

2) What is the silliest thing you will admit to doing? Falling for a pyramid scheme years ago and wasting quite a bit of money on it.

3) Favourite pudding. (I assume ‘pudding’ means any dessert in general) Chocolate Truffle Pie.

4) Your foremost vice. Errr, red wine?

5) Fastest driving speed with you at the wheel. I hate driving but I do remember once doing 100km/h on a 60 road. Ha ha!!!

6) Do you play a musical instrument? If so, please identify the instrument. Use to play recorder and guitar in school. Not anymore.

7) Barefoot or shoes? Barefoot…but with socks!

8) Secular or theocratic government? Definitely secular.

9) Would you sail the world alone? Definitely not. I have no idea how to sail.

10) One food you refuse to ever eat. Trotters! And anything that appears on Fear Factor.

11) Soup or stew? Soup. But if dumplings are involved then it’s stew.

 Go visit Nelle at http://nellewrites.net/

August’s questions

1. What did you eat for breakfast? Eggs on an English muffin with strawberry tea.

2. If you could re-live any day of your life, as often as you’d like, which would you choose? Oh dear, I can’t really think of one specific day. I’d like to think the best days of my life are yet to come.  😉

3. Of the books you’ve read recently, which is your favorite? Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

4. You have front row seats and back stage passes for any concert. Who’s on stage? Noel Gallagher, Jax Panik, Nicki Minaj, Goo Goo Dolls or Example. You choose…;)

5. Who’s the last person you hugged? My cat Deucalion.

6. What’s your favorite smell? Kentucky Fried Chicken! Or any food cooked with loads of oregano. LOVE OREGANO!

7. What’s your best bargain-hunting or money-saving tip? I believe this is a God-given talent. The ability to bargain-shop cannot be taught, sorry! Ha ha! Although if you want to spend less, create a shopping list of what you need and calculate what they will all cost. Then just take enough money for those items. That way you won’t buy unnecessary things. 🙂

8. What’s your funniest or strangest high school memory? I hated high school, so can’t really think of anything funny.

9. How do you feel about your birthday? Grrrrr…..that’s all I have to say!

10. What do you not miss about being younger? School lessons and horrible teachers!

11. What about you tends to surprise others? That I hold a Bachelors’ Degree in Archaeology and Classical Culture. Oh and that I’m currently writing a book!

Check out August’s blog: http://augustmclaughlin.wordpress.com/


Okay, now it’s your turn! My questions are ready and I nominate the following people (who are not obligated in any way) to answer them:

Becky Day                       http://beckysblogs.wordpress.com/

Barb Froman                 http://barbfroman.wordpress.com/

Ricky-Lee Cranko        http://littlemisswednesday.wordpress.com/

Michelle Barber            http://loonyliterature.com/

Sharon Hughes             http://figmentsandimagination.wordpress.com/

Jennifer Neri                 http://jenniferneri.wordpress.com/

MJ Monaghan               http://mjmonaghan.wordpress.com/

Kelly Thompson           http://thompsonkelly.wordpress.com/

Katy Hulme                   http://storytellingnomad.wordpress.com/

Martin Shone               http://throughthemagicdoor.wordpress.com/

Widdershins                 http://widdershinsfirst.com/

These are my 11 Questions:

1.       If you attended Hogwarts, which house would you belong to, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

2.       I prefer Twitter to Facebook. Agree or Disagree?

3.        Romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or staying in with pizza and a movie?

4.       If you were forced to marry ONE of the following men, who would you choose and why:

Ebenezer Scrooge, Severus Snape or Heathcliff?

And for the men, who would you marry:

Dolores UmbridgeMadame Bovary or Lindsay Lohan?

5.       Chocolate: white, milk or dark?

6.       Favourite Horror movie?

7.       If your personality were a colour, what colour would it be?

8.       What famous mystery would you most like to know the answer to? (Eg. The identity of Jack The Ripper or whether OJ was guilty.)

9.       If you were about to be executed(God forbid!) what would you choose as your last meal?

10.   Favourite CSI show: Las Vegas Original, New York or Miami?

11.   There are too many reality shows on TV. Agree or disagree?

So my tagged ones, hope you like my questions. The rest of you guys are free to answer any one of them if you wish because as always, I love to hear from you!

NM 🙂

Ps. the link feature on my dashboard is giving me problems, so I was forced to put up the entire URL’s for all the blogs. Sorry about that!

21 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged…twice!

  1. nelle says:

    I get why you like Wuthering Heights…:-)

    Now sailing… so much fun, and not at all hard to learn. Rent a Sunfish type boat for a day, and you’ll have a story to tell.

    Thanks for answering!

    • Nisha says:

      Oh don’t get me wrong, I love the sea and I would love to go sailing one day…just not alone. The thought of getting lost at sea during a terrible storm or something without any nautical knowledge terrifies me! LOL.

      Wuthering Heights? Melodrama, obsession, violence, ghosts and grave-robbing, whats not to love? He he 😉

      • nelle says:

        I’m not big on ocean sailing. I like lakes much better. 🙂
        Heh, yes, I figured those Wuthering Heights things would strike your fancy. I love love love the Kate Bush song of the same name.

      • Nisha says:

        Oh yes, lakes I can do! Travelling around the world? thats a bit scary…

  2. mj monaghan says:

    Nisha, congrats on your tag award. I look forward to answering your thought-provoking questions. I will have to do it next week after completion of a major move.

    I am honored to be on your list, my friend!!

    • Nisha says:

      Its an honour to know you MJ! 🙂
      And there’s absolutely no hurry, Nelle tagged me over a month ago and I’m only seeing to it now! These questions aren’t going anywhere, hope you enjoy answering them!

  3. Love your answers, Nisha. Such passion for oregano! LOL May all of our best days lie ahead. 😉

    • Nisha says:

      I know, I love oregano, I put it in EVERYTHING! Just love the smell of it.
      Thanks for tagging me and for the supercool questions! 😀

  4. Jeyna Grace says:

    Pyramid scheme? Is it like those inheritance schemes…

  5. Barb says:

    I get why you’ve been tagged twice. You’re good at this, and you ask good questions. Okay…it’ll take me a while to come up with questions better than…”what’s your favorite color?

  6. beckyday6 says:

    Thanks for tagging me Nisha, I’m certainly looking forward to answering your questions! It may take me a little while to get round to it though 😛
    Haha loved seeing the answers to some of them. I also used to play the recorder, people seem to underestimate the power of a good bit of recorder playing. No idea why 😉
    Also I’m glad to see you enjoyed Wuthering Heights that much!

    • Nisha says:

      Ahh the recorder brings back memories! But if you asked me now, I wouldn’t be able to play a single note! LOL.

      Yes, of the past 5 books I’ve read, WH definitely tops the list. Like I said in a previous comment, melodrama, ghosts and grave-robbing? Nothing wrong there! He he 😉

  7. jenniferneri says:

    Fun, Nisha!! 🙂
    Very fun, Nisha!!
    11 questions!! How did you do it?? lol.

    You have a bsc in archaeology? Not so surprising…I can see the interest from your posts. But two BAs? Did you minor in classical culture?

    • Nisha says:

      I only have one BA degree, with those being my two majors(you can also major in Archaeology for an Arts degree). Glad you like the post Jennifer! And yes, it was fun to do! 😀

  8. Thanks for choosing me Nisha, I may take a while to answer all the questions. I am home sick from work today, so I will try to answer some now! 🙂

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