Updates and Apologies

So a few people have been wondering what has happened to me due to my lack of presence in the blogosphere recently.
It’s been almost four months since I last blogged (what? 4? Time certainly waits for nobody!) and a lot has been happening since then.

Some of you already know this but I have begun postgraduate studies this year(well, it officially begins next year but I have to do a few pre-requisite elective courses now because I didn’t fulfil all the requirements for the postgrad degree), so I’ve been quite busy of late. Plus sorting out some personal issues, I’ve had no time for my writing, let alone blogging. Yes, my novel-in-progress has taken a backseat although I still have daydreams about my main character and what she could be doing right now if I were putting pen to paper (is this normal? I’m not sure).

I must apologise profusely to all my favourite bloggers whose blogs I’ve been neglecting, I will make it up to you, promise.

And also an apology to those who look forward to my HML posts. Those have been postponed as well (although I might slip one in, in the coming months, if I have free time).

My contribution on the Artipeeps(Classic Friday) blog will continue as usual though and special thanks to all those that read those posts and leave comments. You know who you are 🙂

So that is my long overdue post and my life in a nutshell. The drought spell has been broken. LOL.

NM 🙂

PS. Oh, in case you were wondering, I am studying for an Education degree, so I will be teaching soon (can you imagine, me, an English/History/Psychology teacher?! Good heavens…).

21 thoughts on “Updates and Apologies

  1. Happy to hear that you’re okay, lady! Thanks for checking in with your fans. 🙂

  2. You will make a brilliant teacher – much luck in your studies.

  3. trixfred30 says:

    Pyschology was my favourite A Level – I wanted to train as a criminal psychologist but ended up doing something completely different!

    • Nisha says:

      It was one of my favs at Varsity as well. I think you belong in the kitchen, don’t ever leave it! (That sounds like a sexist joke a man would tell a woman, but it’s not meant like that, LOL :P)

  4. Barb says:

    Thanks for the update. I wish you success on all you do. Your students will be richly entertained and educated with you at the helm.

  5. beckyday6 says:

    FOUR MONTHS?! I thought it seemed long, lol!

    Sorry to hear your haven’t had any writing time, I know that must be bugging you. But wow, teaching!! I think you’ll be great at it. I can definitely picture you as a history teacher with all your fun mythology and the natural knowledge that goes along with that. I’d be wayyyyy excited if I turned up and you were my teacher. Do you know what kind of age you want to teach or anything? 🙂 Was it a recent decision or is it something you’ve wanted to do for a while?

    I hope you enjoy being a student again and can get back to blogging soon! 😀

    • Nisha says:

      You know me well, Beckster, it is bugging me slightly, I think of my main character as if she were a real person! LOL, I guess that’s a good thing in a way 🙂

      I think teaching would be a very easy job if every pupil was smart like you 😉 so I’m hoping they are! It will probably be junior high school/Intermediary level (Middle school I think they call it in some parts?) although I haven’t registered for the actual Education part of it yet. I’m currently doing some undergrad courses to fulfil the requirements so it’s like I’m in first year again! 😛

      I do enjoy being a student again but I feel it’s no different to how my life is normally because I’m ALWAYS researching/studying something at any given point. The only difference now is that I have to write exams (yeeurgh!) which I hate, oh well… 😀

      • beckyday6 says:

        Ahh that’s cool, I’m thinking that’s the equivalent of secondary school here maybe when your aged 11-16? Or 6th Form age which is 16-18?
        Agh, damn requirements making you do extra work! Wahh, I’m so not in work mode at the moment and I have so much uni work to do *sigh* I suppose I must go off and do it now…you know when you’re just REALLY not in the mood?

        P.S. Finished reading and watching Sleepy Hollow, you weren’t kidding the two are really different, LOL! I’m still not totally sure of Irving’s writing style, I think he’s actually better at non-fiction in a lot of ways. He seems like a really interesting guy though, finding out more about him is really interesting!

      • Nisha says:

        You’re right, Intermediary level is defined from 10 – 14/15 years, although I would like to teach higher grades at a later stage.
        And I know, the requirements are so annoying but they have to be done I guess, even though they don’t make sense sometimes.

        And don’t worry, I know EXACTLY what you mean! We can be cyber-study buddies if you want, although I’m not sure how that’s going to work…LOL. 😀

      • beckyday6 says:

        Ha yeah, we’d probably end up being cyber procrastinator buddies instead, LOL! 😀

  6. nelle says:

    I’d guess education is an excellent track for you, and wish you all the best. We all must tend to things beyond the realm of computer screens. There will be time for writing, there is no need for apologies. The magic of cyberspace is such that when you sneak in the occasional post, it tattles on you in my email. 😉

    • Nisha says:

      Education does seem like a logical course for me so I’m excited about it. And you’re right, as much as I miss it I will have time to write and maybe by the time I get back to it I’ll have a whole bunch of fresh ideas to sink my teeth into. I’ve already got a few ideas from some of my courses already, so it’s all good 😀
      Thank you for your support Nelle, I really appreciate it and I will try to sneak in a few more posts, promise 😉

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