Random thoughts after a writing break.

Yesterday I picked up my WIP for the first time in four months.

There is a certain irony I’ve discovered about myself which I’m not really sure happens often to other writers. During my busiest moments when it was essential for me to focus my energy on my priorities, I found myself thinking about my novel or my short stories and feeling the need to have a look at them or write something down at least (this is not a good thing to happen the day before an exam, I assure you).

Yet when I think of all the times I was free and had nothing to do but procrastinated my time away I want to kick myself. Stupid irony.
Now that examinations are over however, I can now continue working on my MS without getting any weird writing itches.

Just for the record, I can now understand the advice some of you guys gave me last year about waiting awhile before editing. Looking at my current WIP after so long was a strange feeling. It was like reading somebody else’s story and I was experiencing a weird detachment to what I had written. As a result, mistakes and holes were glaring but I also found myself being pretty pleased about the particular parts that I enjoyed. Distancing yourself from your MS for a short while can be beneficial so I fully endorse it. 😀

NM :)

17 thoughts on “Random thoughts after a writing break.

  1. frenzyofflies says:

    Ah, I know the feeling well… I write my poetry at work… and it relaxes me MUCH more than it does my boss… 😉

  2. Martin Shone says:

    I quite agree! I started my Novel in 1999 and it’s been through so many changes. The most time it was left to simmer was for about 6 months, even now when I read it I worry if such and such is correct 🙂

  3. nelle says:

    It is essential, and I’ve done it several times – including right now with the query letter. It brings fresh perspective, and if one writes other things in the interim, improved skill.

    Hope you finished the school year with a flourish!

  4. Fantastic to read you again. Good Luck with your results, although I am positive you will have walked it.

  5. Next to holding our printed book in our hands, looking at something we’ve written and saying, “Damn, that’s good!” is the best feeling, eveah!

  6. beckyday6 says:

    I am exactly the same! When you are too busy is always when inspiration strikes, when you have all the spare time in the world you just can’t summon the energy. 🙂

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