The ABC Award

This post is three months overdue so my sincere apologies to Beckster who tagged me for the ABC award in March. I’ve never been tagged for this one before and it seems quite exciting, so basically what I do is make an A – Z list of things that have to do with ME!


I won’t be passing this on to anyone but I want to say thank you to Becky for thinking of me and for giving this site some much needed blog love. 😉

Aaaand here goes…

A is for Amethyst, my favourite gemstone.

B is for beaches and Ballito, Durban. Some of you already know that I’ve relocated and Ballito is my new home for now.

C is for Chocolate, cheese and cookies! The only 3 food groups that matter in my opinion. (What do you mean they’re not food groups? They’re so are, dude…)

D is for Dates. I might be an Archaeology major and History buff but I suck at remembering dates. It’s true. I’m surprised I don’t forget my own birthday.

E is for Edinburgh, Scotland. That’s where I lived for almost two years and I miss it. 😦

F is for fairies or faeries. They exist, you know 😉

G is for Gothic. Love anything gothic, whether it be art, books or architecture.
is for horsies. I would really like to take up horse-riding sometime in the future, so if anyone wants to buy me a pony…

I is for Island. I will buy my own one day.

J is for Jack The Ripper. I consider myself a bit of a Ripperologist. Just don’t ask me the dates of the murders.

K is for Kale. Because we don’t get it here in SA(well, I haven’t seen it) and I have no idea what it tastes like.

L is for Libra. That’s my starsign.

M is for Mexican food. I make a mean Enchilada. Just saying…

N is for Nocturnal Baking. Peace, quiet, nobody bothers you. Awesome!

O is for OCDs. I have quite a few, enough to warrant a separate blog post, methinks. 😛

ID-10092877P is for pomegranate-scented products. For some reason most of the products I buy seem to be pomegranate-scented: my hand cream, my facemask and even my dish-washing liquid. LOL.

Q is for Quill. I use to own one. And an inkpot. It was fun writing with it although I must admit it’s not the most convenient of writing tools.

R is for Reality TV shows. I HATE them. Especially celebrity ones. I never watch them so don’t talk to me about them.

S is for seven. The number of kgs I’m trying and hoping to lose before summer comes.

T is for TEA! In a previous post I think I mentioned peppermint and Jasmine as my favourites. But I think I’ll add coconut and cinnamon to that list too.

U is for Underworld. Kate Beckinsale as Selena is my hero. 😀

V is for Vincent D’Onofrio. Because I really miss Robert Goren from Law and Order: Criminal Intent. 😦

W is for Weird. Taking stock of all the words that people have used to describe me over the course of my life, this one seems to be topping the list.

X is for X-men. Because how can you not love the X-men?

Y is for the Beatles’ classic Yesterday. Because I cannot get the scene of Mr. Bean going Suddenleee out of my head. 😀

Z is for Zulu (or isiZulu). In an attempt to kick my dreadful unilingualism to the kerb, I’m currently studying the most spoken language (in terms of number of people) in South Africa. Unlike my failed attempts at Spanish and French years ago, I hope to reach semi-fluent levels at least.

NM 🙂


* Jack The Ripper courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
* Fruits courtesy of

10 thoughts on “The ABC Award

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Wow was it only three months ago since I tagged you? It seems so much longer! So much has happened and changed since then that it seems like a lifetime, phew. Anyway, thanks for taking part, I enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂 I still can’t get over different tasting tea’s though, I’m an English Breakfast girl through an through. So jealous you got to live in Edinburgh for a while, and Selena rocks!

    • Nisha says:

      I know, it does seem like ages ago but I thought: better late than never. Plus it was kind of fun to do. 🙂
      I’m thinking of creating my own teas actually. I would love to have my own tea shop where peeps can come and sample the flavours. Pure scented heaven! Yep, Selena sure does rock it 😉 Thanks for tagging me Beckster 🙂

      • beckyday6 says:

        Ooooh that’s a cool idea, shall I set up my second hand bookshop next door so we will both have increased profits? After all, books and tea has to be a win win. 😛

        No problem!

      • Nisha says:

        Now, how totally awesome would that be? Love the way you think, Beckster… 😉

  2. nelle says:

    OMG, you said the ‘e’ word. THE ‘e’ word. I’m cuckoo for enchiladas, get all irrational and goofy at the mere sight and smell of one. Ayeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Nisha says:

      Ha ha, lol, Nelle, you’ve got excellent taste. Unfortunately there are some ingredients that is not so common here (like corn tortillas)so I use wheat flour ones but still very delicious! 😀

  3. jenniferneri says:


    I too am a Libra, hate reality shows and am an x-men fan! 🙂

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