All the blogposts I’ve known before

Just wondering if I’m the only blogger who has this problem.

Picture it: I’ll have this brilliant idea for a blogpost- usually it will come when I’m in bed ready to fall asleep. Inspiration will hit and in 15 minutes the whole post would have been written out… in my head. Then I fall asleep.
The next morning I will recall vaguely what I had been thinking the night before but since I’m a notoriously lazy person I’d be too indifferent to further recall the blogpost from my head and transfer it onto paper. And there goes another potential blog hit generator, lost forever in the recesses of my mind.

The sad fate of some posts... [Luigi Diamanti/]

The sad fate of some posts… [Luigi Diamanti/]

Sometimes blog post drafts ‘get lost’ or discarded for other reasons. Usually the post would have been written out (I like writing things out by hand before transcribing it onto Word processor) halfway but then life happens, I get distracted and I leave it aside waiting to finish it later. More often than not this does not happen; it never makes the finish line.

This happens for either of two reasons:

  • 1) the post itself might lose its relevancy due to the time lapse/procrastination on my part and I therefore lose my motivation to finish, so I just scrap it.
  • 2)And other times I realise that when I initially started writing the post, the idea for it was governed by my emotions not my head(this is mainly the case with rants). When I then look at the unfinished post later, I’m much calmer and I have a change of heart. Perhaps taking my anger out on that stupid writer/blogger/friend/tweeter on my blog is not such a good idea. So there’s another draft scrapped.
And you guys thought I made up shit on Twitter. See, I speak real-time truths.

And you guys thought I made up shit on Twitter. See, I speak real-time truths.

The perfect example of (2) above happened just last week. I might as well tell you beforehand that the English Department at the University of South Africa (UNISA) has been giving me the shittiest time this year. Immediately after my exams a couple of weeks ago, I wrote an extremely, LOOOONG letter addressed to the Department expressing my dissatisfaction (I haven’t emailed it yet, I’m waiting for them to mark my exam paper first). The length of the letter(nearly 5 pages) is an indication of the number of separate incidents I had with them. Given that in all my years studying through UNISA I had never experienced anything like this, I felt compelled to lay a formal complaint.
To further express my ire, I thought I’d blog about it too. I started drafting out the post with much vehemence when suddenly I get the news that our beloved Madiba passed away. Thinking about him made me re-evaluate my feelings and check my temper. I put the post away and proceeded to write the forgiveness post. Just for the record, I will still be sending that email to the English Department (possibly leaving out some angry bits) because incompetence and injustice needs to be dealt with. But I’ve since eliminated the idea of ranting about it (this doesn’t count does it? Oops).

So here’s a special tribute to all my blogposts that have never seen the light of day. Really sorry you did not get to experience the fame, but hey, better luck next time!

So will someone please tell me that all this resonates with them so I don’t feel like the strange Muppet that I am?

NM 🙂

( Because I get such a kick out of irony I even considered not publishing this blogpost, HA! Twisted, I know. )

10 thoughts on “All the blogposts I’ve known before

  1. nelle says:

    Losing an idea can be frustrating, but I’ve always tried to mitigate my annoyance by considering it some sort of message that it wasn’t quite right, that I can do better. Not that this holds true in application… it just becalms my restless soul.

    I do keep various tools handy for ideas, paper notebook, phone notebook, etc. I’ve lost too many sentences to allow them to dissipate into etherea without a catch in place.

    • Nisha says:

      I know for a fact that I’ve lost some great material/ideas. Then I always wish I could go back a few hours and MAKE myself write it down. Absolute futility.

      That of course is a great tip but unfortunately even when pen and paper are right on my bed I get so completely lost in my thoughts, it doesn’t even matter. LOL.

  2. lesreveriesderowena says:

    I feel you! This happens to me sometimes.

  3. I have the same issue sometimes but I try by best to recall what I was thinking and most of the time, it will come to me but sometimes it is just lost forever.

    Wising you a very happy Christmas and wonderful New year !!!

    • Nisha says:

      Ah, so glad to know I’m not alone in this. It really is sad when the idea/motivation is gone forever.

      Same to you! Have a safe and happy holidays! 🙂

  4. beckyday6 says:

    Hmm, somehow this blog post managed to elude me, sorry about that Nisha! I’m late to the party but at least I turned up. 😉 As you know I have also had trouble blogging lately.
    I feel great kinship with the first reason you stated. I often come up with great ideas, but then life gets in the way and the post is no longer relevant. I have been having the same issues with my book reviews lately too. I am three or so books behind because I am reading quicker than I can blog (partly because I have not been in the mood to blog) and so by the time I get round to sitting down and writing the reviews I can’t remember half of my thoughts I had on the book because of the time lapse. Ay ya ya.

    • Nisha says:

      That dreaded blog flu seems to be going around! 😛 Hopefully the new year will kickstart things again although I’m still in holiday mood! :-/

      Ideas are like unruly children. They can never stay put! I can imagine how frustrating it is when you’re writing a review and can’t recall certain things. I’ve experienced that before. Especially when there was this awesome quote that I wanted to mention but didn’t have the common sense to write it down at the time and had to go back through the entire book to look for it! Ugh.

  5. HAVE FAITH says:

    For sure you are not the only one. Count me in bowing down with you to say sorry for all of yours and my posts that couldn’t see light of the day.

    One idea:-

    Device a scheme to tame the head of ‘idea’ crew and if possible let me know as well. I will be really thankful. Hehe 😀

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