Updates and Apologies

So a few people have been wondering what has happened to me due to my lack of presence in the blogosphere recently.
It’s been almost four months since I last blogged (what? 4? Time certainly waits for nobody!) and a lot has been happening since then.

Some of you already know this but I have begun postgraduate studies this year(well, it officially begins next year but I have to do a few pre-requisite elective courses now because I didn’t fulfil all the requirements for the postgrad degree), so I’ve been quite busy of late. Plus sorting out some personal issues, I’ve had no time for my writing, let alone blogging. Yes, my novel-in-progress has taken a backseat although I still have daydreams about my main character and what she could be doing right now if I were putting pen to paper (is this normal? I’m not sure).

I must apologise profusely to all my favourite bloggers whose blogs I’ve been neglecting, I will make it up to you, promise.

And also an apology to those who look forward to my HML posts. Those have been postponed as well (although I might slip one in, in the coming months, if I have free time).

My contribution on the Artipeeps(Classic Friday) blog will continue as usual though and special thanks to all those that read those posts and leave comments. You know who you are 🙂

So that is my long overdue post and my life in a nutshell. The drought spell has been broken. LOL.

NM 🙂

PS. Oh, in case you were wondering, I am studying for an Education degree, so I will be teaching soon (can you imagine, me, an English/History/Psychology teacher?! Good heavens…).

A month full of FIRSTS

November was a month of many ‘firsts’ for me. Not exactly enjoyable experiences but worth noting for I’m not likely to forget them.

Last Thursday saw me going into hospital for the very first time. This one experience taught me two things:

1. Hospitals are depressing. They should paint the walls bright pink with huge flowers on them to alleviate the sombre atmosphere it creates.

2. I’m grateful for having never entered the medical profession – needles, drips, blood, no thank you (although the scrubs look very fetching I might add 🙂 ).
(Coincidently, my good friend Ricky-Lee also had her wisdoms removed a few weeks before I did so if you want to know exactly what I’ve been through, check out her post here Wisdom Teeth – The end of Me

Having one’s wisdoms removed is not a fun experience and the pain I felt afterwards was unbearable but I was to endure another pain, probably just as bad.

I’m hoping many writers would empathize with me on this but two days ago I received my first rejection for one of my short story submissions from an online magazine. If you were wondering what that sound was a few days ago, that was me picking up the pieces of my broken spirit.
It was only one however and I have in my arsenal, other stories waiting to be submitted. So it’s no pens down for me. After two days of moping, I have resolved to work harder and smarter than before.

Amidst all this depressing news I’m throwing at you, I do have something exciting to tell you. For the first time, I shall be appearing as a guest blogger on Artipeeps, the blog for creatives. A collaborative effort, I will be contributing a monthly feature to the blog called Classic Friday where I discuss Classic literature- books, authors, themes etc. I’m super-excited about this and I hope you are too! The first post is already out, so would love to see you there and hear your feedback! Artipeeps – Classic Friday

So November is over, I’m still standing and it’s onwards and upwards from here on out. Stay positive, people, and have a great weekend!

NM 🙂