My tribute to my beloved Garfy.

On Saturday night my cat Garfield passed away. Details are sketchy but we believe he was run over by a car. I cannot fully explain the pain and sorrow his death had brought me. For the past few days I have not been myself. He was one of my best friends and his absence is so noticeable, it’s terribly difficult not to think about it.

I know everybody thinks their pets are unique and special but Garfy’s personality and character drew no comparisons. His crazy antics were legendary and he was always a source of comic relief. At only one-and-a-half years of age, his death I feel, came too soon.
In the wee hours of Sunday morning, I wrote a poem in a moment of great distress. It was an attempt to alleviate the grief. It didn’t work and I had no idea what I had written but in tribute to a wonderful soul, I want to share it with you.
I’m no poet and this poem, I think, bears testimony to that fact. It is unedited, unpolished, un-everything. Some parts rhyme, some don’t, some might not even make sense. I tried to modify it and edit it to make it more presentable but the more I looked at my words, the more it made me want to cry.

This is the best I could do for a friend I will sorely miss.


Your virescent green eyes stare back at me,
As I close mine,
You came into our lives but for a short while.
But in that time you brought us joy
Yet why you were taken away from us
So young, I’ll never know why.

You made us smile, you made us giggle,
You brought us laughs when you fell off the bed.
You made your presence felt,
My clothes will forever miss the long red hairs you shed.

Your incessant demands for attention in the form of wailing croons,
Bringing dead birds into the house and up to my room,
As annoying as these were, we couldn’t help but love you
For everything about you that was wonderful,
It was your personality that shone through.

Your sweetness and your vigour,
Your bushy squirrel’s tail and demeanour,
Exuded vitality and boundless energy,
Keeping us on our toes, and never off our guard.

I will miss your loud, nasal purr.
I will miss your meows signalling your presence.
I will miss your dirty pawprints on my manuscripts.
I will miss those tiny massages you used to give me.
I will miss you stretched out across the bed when you slept.
I will miss the blackjacks in your fur.
I will miss your distinct scent.
I will miss you crying outside my bedroom window,
Wanting to come in, at all hours of the day.
How you always made a beeline for Dookie’s bowl,
Much to his dismay.

There is one thing I will miss the most however.

You opened the door to our hearts and……to our rooms!
Never again will I hear the distinct clanging of a door,
Marking your entrance.
No closed door ever stopped to you from being with us.
Never again will I hear the distinct clanging of the door handle,
By a beautiful intruder while I dressed, showered or slept.

You were larger than life and now your absence breaks my heart.
You loved us even when we scolded you and you bore us no grudges.
You seized every moment and lived your life to the fullest.

Positive and trusting, you were a carefree spirit,
But the house is so empty now with you gone.
Time will never make me forget you,
No matter how long.


Ps. Garfield’s most famous talent was opening doors. He would jump up and with his front paws grab hold of the door handle and push forward with his weight. It was impossible to keep him out of any room…