DAY 15 – First ‘Chapter Book’ you ever read

This is really stretching my memory. It was either a Roald Dahl, Judy Blume or Nancy Drew book, but I wouldn’t put money on any one in particular.

I remember only reading Judy Blume because all the girls in my Grade in Primary School were reading it. The fact that I initially could not remember if Judy Blume was the author or the name of a fictional character bears testimony to the lack of influence these books had on me. (She is in fact the author)
I definitely remember Roald Dahl though. Matilda in particular, had a profound effect on me as a child. The wonderful little girl who taught herself to read, could do complicated Maths sums in her head at lightning speed and who had a certain flair for telekinesis, was worthy of being hero-worshipped.
I can also picture very vividly Miss Trunchbull, her principal, who seemed the epitome of all my worst teachers combined. And that’s truly saying something because I had some pretty horrible teachers.
Growing up, Matilda was probably one of my favourite ‘big books’ (as I used to call them back then). The Witches was also another Dahl book I adored.

Nancy Drew was my introduction to detective fiction and even though, in hindsight, Nancy comes nowhere close to Miss Marple, I liked her because, off course, she was young and modern and I could relate to her back then.

The problem here is chronology. I cannot remember which book I read first. My reasoning tells me it’s Matilda as Judy Blume and Nancy Drew books are aimed at teens and I was definitely reading ‘chapter’ books before then. However this Book Challenge has me doubting my memory, which I always considered to be super-sharp. So I won’t be surprised if the first chapter book I ever read was some humble creation by an unknown author that had failed to make an impact on my memory bank.

NM 🙂