Kreative HUGs and Sunshine

Last month I was graciously spoilt by a few bloggers when I received 4 awards all in one week! I won’t be passing these on to anybody but I do want to thank the bloggers for their generosity.

First and foremost, to two beautiful bards: Poetic Journey and Sharon Hughes who both awarded me a HUG. If you love poetry, or even if you don’t, their blogs are inspiring to say the least, so do go and pay them a visit. I absolutely loved the message behind the HUG-Hope Unites Globally:

The HUG Award© is for people with an expectant desire for the world, for which they: Hope for Love; Hope for Freedom; Hope for Peace; Hope for Equality; Hope for Unity; Hope for Joy and Happiness; Hope for Compassion and Mercy; Hope for Faith; Hope for Wholeness and Wellness; Hope for Prosperity; Hope for Ecological Preservation; Hope for Oneness.
“People do not have to give up or compromise their own religious, spiritual, or political beliefs to qualify for the Hope Unites Globally HUG Award©. They qualify for the HUG Award© when, without bias or prejudice, they use their resources and gifts to make the world a better place for everyone.”

This is something I truly believe we should all strive for. A great message, so thank you ladies for thinking of me!

Also, a special thank you to Chris Stocking from Write to Perfect who awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award. With already two novels published, he’s a name to watch out for guys, so go check him out!

And last but definitely not least, a very big thank you to Becky for the Sunshine Award. Why the Great Beckster chooses to waste a perfectly good award on an undeserving cretin such as myself, I will never know, but it’s testament to her wonderful and generous spirit. And this is the part where I tell you to go and check out her blog, but truth betold , you should be following her by now anyway, and if not, then shame on you! Make up for it by paying her a visit today…

Now apparently with the Sunshine and Kreative Awards, I’m supposed to dispense some information about myself. I decided to combine the requirements of both awards and :
Relay 7 things about myself BUT by using the questions posed for the Sunshine Award. So here goes…

Favourite animal: Cheetah cubs

Favourite colour: Violet and Fuschia

Favourite number: 5

Favourite flower: Pink roses, Arum lily and the African Violet (sorry it’s difficult to choose one)

Your passion: Oh dear. Okay let me try: books, writing and of course the 2 H’s: history and horror!

Favourite drink: Oh dear. Hot chocolate? But I also love my herbal/flavoured teas, peppermint and berry being my favourites.

Another fun fact: I’m terribly indecisive. (Like you couldn’t figure that one out already!)

NM 🙂

YULETIDE Greetings

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all my subscribers and fellow bloggers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
It’s been a great year. Starting this blog way back in March has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve met so many wonderful, like-minded people from all over the world and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you all.
To my loyal commenters, thank you for your support. You have no idea how much your comments and ‘likes’ mean to me, so from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!!
I look forward to seeing you again in the New Year!

Best wishes

NM 🙂