DAY 06 – Favourite YA Book

I really don’t want to come across as a dunce but I’m having a hard time defining what young adult fiction is.
I get the impression that it targets mainly teenagers and the books themselves involve teenagers battling with the trials and tribulations of growing up and other extraneous situations.

Hence Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockheart books are considered YA fiction and therefore one would forgive me for thinking that Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian should be categorized in the same genre as well (Kostova’s heroine reminds me so much of Sally Lockheart for some reason).

Yet I do not see The Historian in the same mold, as say, Twilight. Yes, it’s about vampirism and deals with a young girl trying to find out who she really is, but there’s an intelligence about this book that has been grossly underrated. Fans of vampire literature might have thought it very brave or highly optimistic of Kostova to bring Dracula back to life in this novel but she handled it brilliantly. And coming from me, that’s saying something.
The Historian is very maturely written and has a very adult contemporary feel to it despite the main character being a 16-year-old girl. Therein lies my confusion.

If The Historian can indeed be classified as young adult fiction then I would choose that as my favourite YA book.
Otherwise, to be on the safe side, Harry Potter would be my most obvious and natural choice.